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3rd July 2017

Come rain or shine

Last week it rained and it rained and it rained, but it didn't stop Harehills Primary from learning outside. Early Years children continue to access their outdoor provision whatever the weather so long as it is safe to do so. Rain, rarely stops play for our Year 1 children in our ever evolving outdoor environment. 

There was no way that rain could dampen the enthusiasm of Year 2 when they set off for the eagerly awaited trip to the seaside. It might have drizzled a little in Scarborough, but no one was going to stop 90 six/seven year olds feeling the sand between their toes or paddling in the sea! Real life experiences are such an essential part of learning and bring everything to life. They had a wonderful time.

I hope the weather will be kinder to us this week as the season of Spots afternoons begins for us. So fingers crossed, the sun will smile on us but if its doesn't then I know we will have fun come what may.