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30th January 2023

Class assemblies
Over the past few weeks, I have watched some wonderful class assemblies.

Chinese New Year
Sandhurst 3 (Year 6) children put their own spin on the Chinese New Year story. They used sports commentators for the race that the 12 animals had to cross the river. Children, staff and parents were really interested to find out which animal is the one for the year they were born, and everyone wanted to find out more about the characteristics of their animal. The children also shared with us the traditions that take place at this time.

Looking after our planet
The focus of Elford 3 (Year 4) class assembly last week was looking after our planet. The children clearly understand how we can make a difference and presented lots of things we all can do at school and at home. It is so reassuring that young children recognise that they should take some responsibility. They mentioned recycling as well as energy saving ideas. Every class has an Eco- warrior, and they are tasked with reminding people to switch off lights, turn off computers etc.,

The children always enjoy the opportunity to do an assembly and the confidence they show in performing is wonderful. It is great to see so many of their families join us on these occasions. The children love to watch their siblings, cousins or friends in our family assemblies.

Coming up next week we have National Storytelling which will be the assembly focus for Darfield 1 (Year 3) and Wellbeing week which Sandhurst 1 (Year 6) will perform.