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2nd May 2017

"I can do this"

The message of self belief was loud and clear from Sandhurst 2's assembly last week. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for our year 6 children to give us a glimpse into the future and show us the challenges they might encounter during their SATs test week. Faced with nerves and unable to ask those that they would normally turn to for help, what should they do? The answer was to stay calm and think back to what you have learned over the years. The end of Key Stage 2 tests want you to show the knowledge, skills and understanding that you have gained during your time at Primary school. 

We were thoroughly entertained as children representing learning right through from Nursery to Year 5 reminded the Year 6 children what they had learned at every stage of their journey. The result was children saying confidently "I can do this".

I would like to wish every child in Year 6 the very best of luck for SATs week which begins on Monday 8th May. I know just how hard they have worked and they deserve to succeed.

Every member of our school community will be willing them on and reminding them "they can do this".