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29th March 2016

"Come and join, share and enjoy"

It was fantastic to see so many families of the children in Early Years joining in the fun with a new programme that we will introduce at the beginning of next term called 'Family Funs'. Designed to encourage children to be more active, focussed and work outside of their comfort zones this is another exciting opportunity offered through our Sports Premium funding. I look forward to popping in and watching both young and old boys and girls making progress!
During this week out teachers will be sharing children's progress right across the curriculum with parents at our "Come and share" parents meetings. Having spent a week in and out of classrooms checking in on learning I have been 'wowed' by our confident, resilient children who are loving every minute of every lesson.

So we come to the end of another busy term and the momentum and determination to succeed continues to shine in every year group. Year 6 children will be joining in a 3 day booster club during the holidays and when we return we will be all ready to prepare for a half term full of testing and enabling our children to 'show off' just what they can do.