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29th January 2024

Roles and responsibilities

On Friday I had a visit from 6 very happy children who are the first ever to take up the role of 'Rise and Shine' helpers. They couldn't hide the smiles on their faces when they explained to me what their role entails. Having a jacket with 'Rise and Shine' on the back so other children know they are there to look after them, be their friend, or talk to them if they are sad, is something they were especially proud about. 'Rise and Shine' is our before school club which includes breakfast and a wide range of activities and really does ensure that @100 children have a calm and positive start to their school day. 'Rise and Shine' is managed by Mrs Haywood, and she has an enthusiastic team of 8 adults who are committed to seeing that every child feels cared for and enjoys their time there. They live and breathe their aim - to have children learning from the minute they wake up.

Shortly after 'Rise and Shine' helpers left my office, I could hear Mrs Lister, our Willows provision Manager praising a child for helping others the day before. It made me reflect on how much it means to a child to have the chance to help out.

Giving children opportunities to take on roles and responsibilities is something we positively encourage right across school. From Head boy and Head girl, School council class reps, MindMate Ambassadors, Playground friends, Attendance Ambassadors to individual class responsibilities, there is something for everyone. It's amazing how much a badge, a jacket or a lanyard can mean to a child's self esteem or sense of achievement. ????