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28th Sept 2020


Since our children returned to school, they have been enjoying activities based around a book called 'Belonging' by Jeannie Baker. We wanted them to be able to talk about the changes to their lives that they had seen through lockdown and to discuss their hopes for our community as we move forward. At a time like this it is so important that we make time to allow everyone to talk about how they are feeling. If we do this, we can ensure that everyone feels they have a support network; somewhere/someone to turn to if they are feeling anxious, worried, sad or lonely.

All classes have been creating artwork linked to view from a window like in the book. These are displayed in our hall so that we have a sense of belonging from all year groups.

With our city in local lockdown I know that the positive spirit and resilience that exists in school will help us all to remain upbeat as we move forward.🙂

Keep safe and well everyone.