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28th November 2022

Manners week 2022

Last week was Manners week in school. We pride ourselves on our children having good manners and this is something that we have fostered over the years.

Elford 2 (Year 4) focused on Manners in their class assembly on Tuesday. I was so impressed with how confident they were in performing. Their assembly showed that the children have so many skills including acting, singing, playing percussion instruments and clips that they had filmed to demonstrate what good manners look like. Every single child took part and their family members who joined us to watch were rightly proud of them.

All class teachers followed it up by spending time talking to children about what good manners look like and sharing the Manners poster with them. This is a contract that we put in place every year. I sign it pledging to act as a role model, the teacher signs it and all the children do too. It is displayed in classrooms near/on the Personal development working wall.

During the week all staff particularly looked out for children who were using good manners and praised them for doing so.