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27th November 2023

An inclusive school

On Tuesday last week, Julie Longworth Director of Children and Families Leeds and three of her chief officers, Viv Buckland, Tim Evans and Cath Lennon visited us. They were here to see how we provide for our children with complex needs and make sure they are included in a way that meets their individual needs and enables them to experience a broad and balanced relevant curriculum which allows them to make progress. They were incredibly impressed with what they saw.

When they left, Julie Longworth said she had loved her time here and 'Wow,' was the reaction from one of the group.

Julie Longworth said the feeling of high expectations and the commitment and desire to ensure the children are given the best opportunities possible is tangible right across school. She said this is very evident from all staff, and that the children knew that and responded with enthusiasm.

Everyone couldn't get over the excellent behaviour, having seen children engaged and enjoying learning wherever they went. I think they want to know our secret.

This is what we have created and our staff should be very proud of the role they play in making sure it is like this every day of the year. Another successful week at HPS.

A special shout out for Miss Pallas, our Deputy Head who has a strategic lead for SEND, Mrs Liversage our very experienced SENCO, Mrs Collins and Miss Methven, our talented Assistant SENCOs and Mrs Lister who is our very experienced SEND and SEMH Manager. Together you make a great team and have made some significant changes over the last year which have resulted in such high quality provision for some of our most vulnerable children. Thank you.

From next Tuesday when I will be doing an Advent assembly and trimming the Christmas tree, in the words of the wonderful Michael Bublé, "it will be beginning to look a lot like Christmas" in school.