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27th November 2017

Pupil power

"Pupil voice is integral to the running of this school.Staff and pupils feel it is a real focus for helping move the school forward....when questioned all pupils felt their voice is listened to"
(Investors in Pupils report November 2017)

This was certainly true on Friday when Harehills Primary school embraced National Takeover day by appointing children to take over jobs right across the school. Year 6 children had applied for roles and were selected to get an insight into what these roles look like by joining a member of staff for the day and doing their role.

Four children joined our SLT meeting on Friday afternoon acting as Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher. Their comments and questions were both insightful and valuable. One of our agenda items was to feedback from learning conversations which were focused on, 'Reading; a child's view' and all four pupils were very interested in the views of other children about Reading. What shone out was the power of pupil voice and the endless potential it has for driving school improvement.

It made SLT smile as when the children were asked what they thought about the experience they made comments such as, "I didn't realise your job was so busy" and, "this is really hard work". All four definitely made the most of the opportunity and loved the experience.

A wonderful day which underlined why we need to invest in our pupils.