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27th March 2023

How much can you fit into one week?

My headline this week could possibly be part of a SATs Maths question and the week we have just completed could be a plausible answer.

We started the week with a very uplifting assembly performed by Elford 1 that celebrated Mother's Day and mothers everywhere. Acting out an episode of the GBBO the children's showstopper bake was a cake for mother's day and all bakers represented a different country. Full of humour and information about traditions, the school family audiences along with parents were treated to a wonderful assembly. Mums/Grandmas around the room were given small bunches of flowers to take away and the assemblies finished with a slideshow of photos of members of staff with their mums, children, grandmothers or people who they are like mums to. Everyone left the hall with a smile on their faces.

Tuesday to Thursday saw the Year 2 children and staff complete a successful week of Mock KS1 SATS, Well done to Mr Matthews AHT for KS1 and Miss Johnson the Year 2 Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator for organising this huge operation so efficiently. A big shout out too goes to every adult who supported the children during this week.

We end the week having competed in a Handball tournament, hosted and/or attended 2gether Cluster Subject Leader Development Network meeting, held two governor committee meetings and supported staff and children during the start of Ramadan.
And the list goes on....

It is almost mind boggling just how much we manage to cover in only 5 days!