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26th September 2022

A high quality environment

The Strategic Leadership team completed environment walks over the last week and we shared the feedback at our weekly meeting. Everyone was very impressed with the high-quality environments that staff have created both inside classrooms and in shared areas. It takes commitment and a lot of hard work to keeping up this high standard.

We want to maximise the learning that can take place for every child and ensure that the environment we create in school complements our motto of 'learn, laugh and love'.

Our main building is now 32 years old and the semi-permanent annexe building which should only have been a temporary fix has now been in place for 16 years. It is not easy to keep on repairing, enhancing and re-thinking the use of ageing buildings but our governors, estates team and the entire staff remain committed to doing the best we can with the limited budget that we have.

I know that it really makes a difference for our children and our staff when they are learning and working in a stimulating, attractive and welcoming space. 🙂