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26th Oct 2023 - End of Half Term

Time to reflect

I have managed to take time to reflect on all that has been achieved during the past incredibly busy 8 weeks. Duncan Grant our School Improvement Advisor said it all in his email after his Art Deep Dive, "Lovely to be in school this week. Loads to celebrate as always." Our staff team continue to 'go above and beyond' to create exciting experiences for our children. They will always find a solution when there are complications, for example, when we couldn't use our minibuses to get to Roundhay park, Reception staff created a wonderful Autumn experience within our school grounds. The children loved it!

Trips out of school and experiences in school continue to be varied and an extension of the themes which are the basis of our Harehills Curriculum. These have included, owls visiting Year 2, an interview with a witch for Year 3, Malham for Year 6, Harehills Park Seed dispersal workshops for Year 4 to name just a few.

Class Assemblies have been of a very high standards with our older children from all year 6 and 5 classes performing with confidence and covering topics such as manners, Harvest, Mental Health and Black History Month.

This week we have held our 'Come and Share' parents meetings for all year groups and it has been great to see so many parent taking the time to find out all about what their child has achieved during their first half term of the new school year. There is always a happy, community feel to these events, made extra special by ex pupils popping in to see us. The perfect way to end the half term.

It is time now to rest, relax and enjoy time with family and friends during the break.

We will be back, 'learning, laughing and loving' at HPS on Monday 6th November.