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26th Nov 2018

Whose in charge? Takeover Day 2018

We had a great time on Friday when right across school so many staff had given their time to allow Year 6 children to get an insight into what their role entails for National Takeover day; We even had children venture out to Compton Library to takeover jobs there. Seven incredibly articulate children joined our SLT meeting to take over the role of Head teacher, Deputy Head teacher, Assistant Head teacher and School Business Manager. It was great fun and lovely to give the children a voice in such a different way. The comments the children made were very thoughtful and enlightening. Our new Head teachers composed the weekly message that I send out to all staff...

A message to you all from Head teachers Afsha and Abdurrahman,

"This week was filled with joy and happiness just like every other typical week at Harehills Primary. We are very thankful for everyone's contribution to keep our motto, learn, laugh and love intact."

I couldn't have written anything better myself 😊

An event like this requires a great deal of planning and hard work and I would like to thank our staff team and especially Miss Shaw and Miss Trafford for co-ordinating Takeover day.