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26th June 2017

Fantastic progress

This week we have submitted our KS1 and KS2 teacher assessment data to our local authority and I am really proud to see that we continue to improve achievement in Reading, Writing and Maths. It is very evident that all the strategies happening across school, added to the way staff build resilience and empower our children is showing real impact. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing children make progress and reach their goals.

It is never taken for granted that everything that happens in school is down to the sheer hard work and determination of our amazing staff team. Put this together with enthusiastic children who are eager to learn and the result is a real recipe for success.

This week we will submit our Phonics check data that shows how well our Year 1 children are doing in Phonics and I am confident that we will see an increased number of children passing this test too. Well done everyone.