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26th February 2024

Keep on going
The first week of a new half term is always a time to introduce something new as well as reminding children about or reinforcing key things we do in school.
This is the half term when we focus on the importance of perseverance; one of the six key learning skills that we have chosen to highlight in our curriculum. In my two family assemblies I talked about what perseverance means and how important it is that even when things might be tough or difficult you need to keep going and there are times when you may need support from others.
Mr Ali, our Attendance and Admissions Manager introduced the children Attendance Ambassadors to both families. These two children, who are members of our school council, will represent pupil voice at Attendance Team meetings. 
Mr Ali also spoke to the children about the March 100% Attendance challenge which begins at the end of this week. All children will aim to complete the 20 days that we are in school during March without being absent. There are prizes for children and families if this is achieved. This was a great example of where children might need to persevere and may require support to succeed.
I also spoke to Year 6 about upcoming Mock KS2 SATs and how important it will be for them to keep going and look to others for any help they might need when they persevere through a long week of tests.
Children went out of the assembly listening and watching a live performance of Billy Ocean's 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going'  such an upbeat track. This was in contrast to the instrumental version of Gerry and the Pacemakers 'You'll never walk alone' that they had come into assembly listening to.
Both tracks reminding us of that it takes courage, determination and belief to enable us to persevere and achieve our goals.