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25th September 2017

Ant and Decking

I was thrilled to officially open our brand new decking on Friday which offers a wonderful outside space for our Year 5 and 6 children. We are so lucky to have our talented Assistant Sit Manager, Anthony Mackay, whose DIY skills are second to none. Our Deputy Head Mrs Lee has introduced zoning within the playground for Year 5 and Year 6 and the decking will allow us to take the Yellow zone, our 'chill-out zone' to new levels. We have already moved the gaming tables and yoga is taking place as well as reading. There is so much scope for how we could used this space, perhaps some deckchairs in the Summer time. Lunchtimes are a very important time and we know that getting the balance of activities right will ensure that our children have a happy, healthy time outside and come bouncing back into class ready to learn.

We always ask our children what they think and the response to the decking is, 'Amazing', 'I have no words' and 'This is very exciting and we will enjoy spending time here'. I think we can safely say our decking is a real hit.

You can see some photos of the decking in the gallery