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25th March2019

Active Participation

It was a real joy last week to watch our Year 2 children tackle their Mock SATs. They have been given the confidence and empowered to participate in tests by the supportive environment they learn in every day. I want to say a massive thank you to the Year 2 staff team for making the classrooms such a happy place to be. When I said that I thought they would enjoy the tests, one young man in Conway 3 class commented, "Yes we will because we learn, laugh and love in our school." That just about says it all 😉

It wasn't just the children who were actively participating in learning last week but also the teachers. They threw themselves into REAL PE training with characteristic enthusiasm and good humour. REAL PE fits perfectly with our ethos in that it fosters team building skills whilst enabling maximun participation so that children are active for as much time as possible in a PE lesson.

It is wonderful to see that even after a demanding day of teaching the energy and commitment to professional development that exists from our teaching team. Well done.