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24th September 2018

Keeping safe online

Year 5 children from Luxor 1 class were the first class to present their assembly this school year and it came with a very powerful message. The children showed us how easy it is to click a key when online on a device such a mobile phone, iPad or laptop which can lead you into all sorts of danger. The internet is a wonderful thing as long as we know how to use it safely. Their advice was to use the SMART five rules which would keep us safe. The words to remind us are:

  Safe, Meet, Accept, Reliable, Tell

I could see the audience in both assemblies really appreciating this advice and above all recognising that if something doesn't feel right then they need to tell someone. 

Thank you children from Luxor 1 for such a confidently performed assembly which really got me thinking about how trusting we sometimes are and how sadly not everyone is as trustworthy as we are!


Harehills Primary school is so lucky to have an incredibly experienced ICT Manager Ben Hall who is very vigilant and has put in place lots of security features to ensure both children and adults can feel safe when using devices to go online in our school.