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24th November 2014

Bully free zone

Harehills Primary school will not tolerate bullying and we know how to help stop it happening. Miss Melling started this years Anti-Bullying week with a thought provoking assembly reminding children of all the things they could do if they noticed any bullying in school or felt worried that they were a victim of bullying. She set all KS2 classes a challenge of helping a boy from another school who had sent an email with his concerns. KS1 children spent the week exploring the ideas from a story which involved bullying. The result was quality discussions with some really enlightened suggestions. Miss Melling is now on the hunt to recruit new Anti Bullying Ambassadors to add to our team.

Pupil Power

Friday 21st November was National Takeover day and all over Harehills Primary our children were taking over staff roles. I was extremely impressed with my new Head teacher Subahan Aziz from Sandhurst 3 who led our Strategic leadership team meeting as well as completing a learning environment check with the new Deputy Head teacher for the day Tasneem Begum. Feedback from other staff was equally complimentary and I think our children got a real insight into what our staff do so well every day!
A great illustration of how we learn at Harehills Primary and laugh a lot while we do it!!