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24th January 2022

Inspirational 🌟😀

When children can't wait to talk to you about what they have been learning you know they have been inspired by the activities taking place in their classes.

Last week I was told all about an earthquake that had affected the annex building and caused disruption for Mrs Goodlad when she was marking after school. Year 4's theme is 'Natural Disasters - Would YOU Survive?' What a great way to encourage children to want to find out more about earthquakes. It certainly prompted lots of questions, some of which I needed to research before giving an answer.😉

Meanwhile in Year 6, children were treated to making masks and chocolate tasting, all part of an Inspirational Starter day, aimed at inspiring curiosity about their new theme 'What did our ancient ancestors achieve?'. On their way home that day children couldn't wait to tell me all about what they had done and what they wanted to find out next.

These are just two examples of Inspirational Starter lessons that our teachers plan in at the beginning of a new theme. The creativity and sense of purpose that is behind every one of these lessons takes a great deal of time, thought and very careful planning.

One of the key intentions of the Harehills Curriculum is to put the 'love' into learning and I want to thank the staff team for continuing to do just that. 👏👏