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23rd Sept 2019

Calm and purposeful

​There are so many things that make me feel proud of my school but this week when I have been out and about in all areas it is the positive relationships between staff, staff and children, and staff and parents that has really shone out. It is so important to learn how to make people feel welcome, safe, valued, included and happy. All our learners are entitled to learn in a calm and positive environment which will enable them to flourish. At Harehills Primary it is expected that all staff will act as role models for our children, modelling exemplary behaviour and attitudes in order to create a positive and respectful culture. In every class there are high expectations built on clear rules and routines which all our children understand. Our job is to prepare our children to be respectful, law-abiding citizens in a busy and challenging world and it's something we do incredibly well.

Thank you to our staff and children for another happy week of learning 😃👏✨