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23rd Oct 2020

HURRAY🎉 😁!!!!

We made it through 7 weeks of new systems of control and it is now time for a great big rest which everyone really does deserve.
In this world of restrictions, we need to find ways to treat ourselves and I hope that is what you will do over the half term break.

Whether you are a member of staff, a child or a parent please take time to recognise what you have achieved. I know for many of you, just coming back to school in September was hard and I won't pretend that I haven't had sleepless nights and felt anxious and worried about all the complexity of fully re-opening HPS.

But despite a whole mixture of emotions, WE DID IT and WE DID IT TOGETHER and you have all made @700 children very happy

Well done.
Mrs Summerfield 😊👏👏👏