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23rd January 2023

Health & Wellbeing Beacon Status School

I would like to share with great pride the outcome of our Healthy Schools Re-accreditation visit that took place on Wednesday last week by including an email sent to the staff team by Mrs McMullen. She is the overall Strategic Lead for Personal development and Wellbeing in school which of course includes healthy schools.

"Sheryll Carter (our assessor from the local authority) was 'blown away' by everything she witnessed on her visit, and she didn't hesitate to confirm our award as a Health & Wellbeing Beacon Status school. All of the children who played a part in the visit did an amazing job and it was a pleasure to watch and listen to them as they beamed with pride about all that we do in relation to Healthy Schools.

The adults did a fabulous job too! Miss Melling, Mr Khan, Mr Waddington, Mrs Haywood, Miss Shaw and Mrs Goodlad (The Healthy Schools Team) shared and celebrated all the work that goes on with great passion and pride.

Sheryll could clearly see and 'feel' HPS in the way that we , and our children and their families, are lucky to do every day. It was very evident to her the emphasis we place on the wellbeing of children, families and staff alike and she could see that this was at the heart of everything we do. There were many other highlights she mentioned in her feedback, and these will be cascaded in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in the run up to the visit and on the day itself but most importantly, thank you for all the work you do to make us a truly 'Healthy School' each and every day."

I echo Mrs McMullen's words and want to thank her for her personal vision, dedication and commitment to this key aspect of school life. Her drive and passion is infectious and has ensured our practice remains outstanding in all areas of healthy schools.