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22nd May 2023

All in a week's work

Another fun and extremely productive week at Harehills Primary complete. Once again, when I look back on the week, it is hard to believe how much we cover in just 5 days. Here are a few things I picked out:

Year 2 SATs

It was lovely to watch the Year 2 children approach their SATS tests with such confidence and enthusiasm. It is such a big ask of many of our children who are still learning English, but I am proud of them for the determination to succeed that they show. A huge thank you to everyone who played a part in making the week run so smoothly and a big shout out for Mr Matthews who had planned this to perfection. Week 2 of the annual two-week SATSathon was completed in style. This year was significant with it being the last ever year of KS1 tests.

Year 5 Inspirational Starter Lesson

Wednesday afternoon saw a number of staff transform themselves into Greek Gods including me who became Hades, God of the Underworld! Mrs Roclawski was a glamorous Aphrodite and hosted 'Aphrodite's Broken Hearts' reality show. She invited King of the Gods Zeus (Mr Khan) and the other gods who were his family members to come onto her show and talk about the problems in their family. What a wonderful introduction to learning and the Ancient Greeks. The children absolutely loved it! I know that they will retain so many key bits of information about the gods having seen it shared in such a creative and entertaining way.

Year 6 Countryside Learning

All three year classes took a trip into the countryside to find out more about life in the country and participate in a range of fun activities such as den building. This trip takes them to a contrasting location compared with inner city Harehills and this will be complemented by their Malham trip which is coming up in June. After a tough week of KS2 SATS, it was perfect timing to go out of school and the sunshine was an added bonus.

Looking ahead to this week we have more trips and experiences and Year 1 snapshot of learning to look forward to.