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22nd January 2024

Inspiring children

In the last couple of weeks children have been treated to an ISL (Inspirational Starter Lesson) which is planned in at the beginning of a new theme. Year 6 absolutely loved the chocolate tasting experience which was just one activity in many full of fun introducing them to the Mayans as part of the theme, 'What did our ancestors achieve?"

I got to don my judge's wig and preside over the court for Year 5's ISL that hooks children into learning about the judicial system, tests their skills of inference and persuasion amongst a whole range of other things. 'Can you crack the case' is one of our favourite themes and it is wonderful to see the children so engaged and excited.

Elford 2 (Year 4) covered World Religion day in their class assembly which was packed full of information much of which was very thought provoking. Respect, kindness, love, taking time to find out about others and recognising similarities across all religions will help us make the world a better place were the key messages for us to take away. They gave a very polished and confident performance and finished strongly with 2 songs; one about togetherness and the other about kindness.

I have been showing propective candidates for my Headteacher role around school over the past 2 weeks and every single one has been very impressed by the happy school they see and the polite, friendly children who are so focused on learning. It is a real pleasure for me to be able to showcase HPS and for people to see what a great school we are.