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21st June 2021

The joy of sport

Last week was another very busy, happy week in school. I enjoyed walking around school to look at all the decorated windows in classrooms to showing which teams everyone is supporting during the Euro football tournament. Children and staff are excited and engaged in following their team and lots of children have talked to me about the results, as well as which class is supporting which team. They have been keen to share with me all the information they have researched about the national team they are supporting.
Healthy competitive spirit and great fun. 😊⚽

Keeping on a sporting theme, well done to Year 3 and 4 staff and children who I know found the REAL PE support sessions with Abi Topliss from Real Legacy valuable and empowering. Abi was extremely complimentary about the behaviour of our children and the participation and enthusiasm from staff.
KS1 and UKS2 classes have these sessions to look forward to in the next couple of weeks and I am sure they all enjoy this added time to develop their skills in PE.👍

After all the months over the last year when we were so limited in what we could do it is wonderful to hear Mr Waddington our PE subject leader talking about Sports days, albeit managed in class bubbles. Slowly school is managing to re-introduce more and more of what we would do in a normal summer term.🙂