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20th June 2022

The Great Outdoors

The last couple of weeks have seen UKS2 classes embrace the great outdoors with trips to both Yeadon Tarn and Malham Cove and we have been so lucky that the sun has shone. As we enter trip season, I want to recognise all the hard work that goes behind making a trip a happy, quality experience for our children. From Evolve, booking coaches, arranging lunches, driving buses, accompanying the children on the day, any trip asks so much of staff and without their commitment they wouldn't happen. A huge thank you to the HPS staff team.🙂

If you ever wonder whether it is worth the effort, just read an excerpt from a thank you email Year 6 staff received from a year 6 child after going to Malham...

Dear all the teachers that planned this Malham trip,
"I’m so happy with what I achieved today 😀 I was really stressed out about going on the trip until I saw how you had made it safer and easier for us 😁 I couldn’t image an even better trip than this 🙂I’m so glad that we went up and down safely 😀And I’ve got more confidence since I climbed up to the top😀It was really hot 🙂But we ALL managed to make it 😀And I’m really proud of every person in our class 😀 Even the teachers that try their best to make it a fun trip. For everything you do, I really super appreciate it. So, please get some rest 😀 (I don’t know if there is anymore trips coming up) But I think I heard about Doncaster Dome ☺️Thank you all of you"