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20th January 2020

Working in partnership

Last week all our teachers went to the Royal Armouries to see what they offer which will further enhance our curriculum by bringing history to life. After experiencing some off their workshops, including those about the Tudors and World War 2 we are excited to be working in partnership with their education department. The Royal Armouries is so close to our school and offers so much; staff there really are prepared to go the extra mile to facilitate the creative ideas our staff have. The Greek gods taking part on Blind Date is something not to be missed!

The potential for increasing our children's cultural capital is fantastic and we are looking forward to many of our year groups visiting the museum very soon.

I spent time with Headteachers from Bankside, Bracken Edge and Hovingham Primary schools and our School Improvement Adviser Duncan Grant as part of the alliance partnership we work in to discuss ideas that would have impact in all our schools. We will be working together for the rest of this school year to develop subject leadership in History, Science, PE and Computing. We can all gain so much from sharing our practice and we are keen to be part of this work.