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20th February 2017

The strength of community

Our community was hit by the tragic death of Irfan Wahid on the day we finished for our half term break. This cruel loss of life showed just what a strong community Harehills is as people representing all faiths and ethnicities came together as one to show respect for the young teenager and his family. One of his friends said, "It is times like this you realise everyone can come together". What happened is terrible and has touched everyone who is proud to belong to the diverse, vibrant community that is Harehills.

This week we will have some quiet time to remember Irfan. We will reflect on the important message of love, respect and forgiveness that was shown at the vigil that took place close to where he was stabbed. We will work hard to support our community and do everything we can to help our children to learn how to understand their emotions and develop true respect and tolerance for others as well as thinking about how to keep themselves safe.

We echo the words of Imam Adam Aslam who said "In Harehills we have to stand together and stand in peace".