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1st May 2023

All in one week?

I took a few minutes to think about all the things that had happened during last week and I was amazed at just how much we do in a week. From Eid parties for all classes, Eid fuddles for staff, Fairtrade assemblies, trips to Yorkshire Wildlife park, Temple Newsam farm and the library, planning meetings for KS2 SATs, and working around a Strike Action day, the list is endless. The staff team were more than ready for an extra long bank holiday weekend by the end of Friday!

It certainly feels like the Summer term when you see an increase in trips on the calendar. Year 3 had a wonderful time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park which fits in perfectly at the start of their new theme, 'Let's go on a safari'. Children in Reception are very excited about the eggs that they have in their classroom which will be hatching out soon, so a trip to Temple Newsam farm was the perfect link.

Year 2 classes visited Compton Road library and came back armed with a great selection of books. We are so lucky to have such a lovely library within walking distance.

Trips are such a key part of our Harehills Curriculum and offer our children some fantastic experiences. I am excited about sharing with you some more trips, visits and experiences that will be happening in the coming weeks.