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1st February 2016

Time to explore 'Moving on up'

In March our Year 6 children will find out which high school they will transfer to in September. An effective transition is so important at any stage of a child's learning journey but especially when the next step involves a change in school. Our Assistant Headteacher Mrs McMullen in partnership with the Vice Assistant Principal from the Co-op Academy has put together an exciting project aptly named "Move on up'. Last week six teachers came to our school and buddied up with our Year 5 and Year 6 teachers. They spent time in our classrooms finding out what learning looks like for our children in the final years of primary school. In the coming weeks our teachers will visit the Co-op Academy to see first hand what learning is like in Year 7. Together the staff will look at ways to improve the transition for all children and prevent the dip in progress that happens for many children when they move from Year 6 to Year 7. We are delighted to be leading on this outward facing, innovative initiative.

Also this week our Year 5 children have spent a morning at Carr Manor Community school having a taster of what high school life is like there. They all came back 'buzzing'! We are working hard to increase links with our main feeder high schools and embracing the effective transition arrangements that already exist with some of them.