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1st December 2014

Bringing learning to life

Year 3 classes visited Ripley castle this week. What better way to understand history than go and see and feel it for yourselves. They have also had a go at Archery and they really are starting to understand what being a knight or living in a castle was really like.
Meanwhile F2, Year 1, Year 2 ventured out to the SHINE building to be treated to a performance of The Princess and the Pea.
Our curriculum is certainly offering a wide range of opportunities to enable our learners to enjoy learning and feel inspired to find out more.
No better way of encouraging children to ask and enquire. Enquiry is our focussed attribute of this half term.

Being a true friend

In Assembly, Elford 2 and Miss Fleming reminded us of how we can be a good friend and support others if they need our help.
Lots of children and staff have been ill over the last couple of weeks and we have shown how caring we are as a school community. Children and members of our staff team have supported one another and willingly helped out to make sure school continued to run smoothly. Fingers crossed the germs are going away and our Attendance levels can recover!!

Looking forward to seeing as many families as possible at our "Come and See" the decorations and hear the choir sing event straight after school. Yet another opportunity to love and learn with us at Harehills Primary!