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19th June 2023

Taking on a challenge

Another sunny and productive week at HPS complete.

Year 1 and Year 2 are pleased to have finished the Phonics Screening Check for another year. Well done to all staff for making this such a positive experience for our children. While the Year 1 children were taking on the challenge of the screening check, Year 6 were conquering Malham again and had a great time. These are two very different experiences and our children have approached both with determination, confidence and resilience.

I am very much looking forward to this week after the exciting launch to Science week from our 'mad' scientists Shiny Sharif and Magnetic Macdonald, ably assisted by Metallic McManus. All our year groups have a scientist to research and a project to complete based around the scientific knowledge, skills and understanding expected of their year group. They were all very excited to find out what was planned for them and eager to take on the challenge. Science week will finish with a Science Fair on Friday and children will be able to show other children and their parents what they have achieved. A big thank you to our Science Team - Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Sharif and Mrs McMullen for all the hard work they do to promote Science learning in school.