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19th July 2021

Time for change - transition week

Last week was another difficult one for us, resulting in having to close another 3 class bubbles, two of which were Year 6 classes. It is at times like this that our staff team really show how resilient and creative they are. They will always find a way! 👍🙂

The last sixteen months since Covid-19 changed our lives we have found ourselves constantly having changes thrust upon us with little or no notice and I think we are now used to having a plan B and a plan C at the ready.

The Year 6 team know how important it is for children to be able to celebrate the end of their time at Primary school and so last week for the one class still in school we held a Covid safe bubble party, and the class bubble went to Potternewton park for a morning of fun activities. Meanwhile, plans have been put in place for the two classes to have their celebrations once they return from isolating. Cakes have been frozen, food re-ordered, and decorations taken down ready to put back up. 😊

All of this is part of their transition to High School.

On Wednesday we had a transition day right across school, enabling every class to meet their new teacher and the adults who will work with them next year. With careful planning we were able to do this in what will be their new classroom as well. It was great to see the children looking so ready to move to the next year group and everyone really enjoyed the day.

School is ready for the final few days with the children after a very unpredictable and challenging year. I know staff will have planned to make it a very special time.

I look forward to a very happy week.😊