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18th November 2019

A week to remember - Remembrance day, Anti-bullying week and an Ofsted inspection

Last week started with a poignant two minutes silence when every child and member of our school held hands in circles to reflect and show respect for all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to make our world a better place; it ended having completed a section 8 Ofsted inspection!

There are so many things I want to say at the end of this incredibly busy but very positive week for HPS. I am surrounded by such an amazing, talented staff team who have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they live and breathe what this school is all about. Every single one of them shone this week and the energy and enthusiasm was just fantastic. Quite rightly people talk about the buzz that is felt from the moment they walk into the building and it is this that has driven us forward and will continue to do so. Add into the mix our wonderful children and their very supportive families and you have a recipe for success.

We are ready for the next step on our journey together and it is exciting because I know just what we are capable of!!

A wonderful week; another reminder thatHarehills Primary is a very special place to be 👍✨