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18th January 2016

Using our imagination

We had several visitors in school during last week working with our children to inspire them to use their imagination and be creative. East Street Arts began an artist project with 30 of our Year 6 children. Their creative ideas will be used along with those from children in other CHESS cluster schools to contribute to a huge sculpture to be sited in the grounds of the Compton Centre. Author Peter Chand kept our Key Stage 2 children captivated with his entertaining storytelling. Children left the hall inspired to write an entry for this year's Arooj Creative Writing competition. With the theme "If I were...." allowing endless possibilities, I look forward to reading wonderful poems and short stories in the coming weeks. The week ended with Artis engaging Year 5 children in a 'Space' performance.

Using our imagination allows us to explore thoughts and ideas at another level and always enables those participating to have fun which is just what we aim to do each and every day.