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17th October 2022

Educational experiences

As we are approaching the final week of this half term, I have been reflecting on the wealth of educational experiences we offer at school. For families living on tight budgets, in the current economic climate it is very difficult to do anything beyond feeding and clothing their children. This makes it even more vital that we can offer all those life experiences, sometimes referred to as, 'the cultural capital', that every child needs and deserves to help them succeed in later life. The governors have agreed to subsidise many of these trips to enable all to participate. 👍

I want to say well done to the staff team for continuing to offer the children so many exciting opportunities. From Roundhay Park trips, guide dogs to sleepovers, the list of experiences is endless and the smiles on children's faces tells us just how much they love what has been offered to them.

This week, the owls will visit Year 2 again and I'm hoping they don't make their way to Year 6 who are totally immersed in Harry Potter world and may think this is an extra part of their theme, 'Muggles v Wizards' 😂😬.