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17th July 2023

Persevere and Reflect

As we reach the final full week of the school year, two words keep coming up over and over again and they are 'persevere' and 'reflect'. These are two of the key attributes that we focus on in school. I have seen so many examples of children and staff being able to do both these things very successfully over the course of the year.

One of the wonderful moments of last week was finally accessing our Year 6 SATs results and they are fantastic.

A shout out to Mrs McMullen and the Year 6 team for all they have done throughout the year to enable the children to persevere and show resilience when attempting these tests. They certainly have been rewarded with results that they should be proud of.

During the week we also had a Safeguarding Audit which gave us a chance to share and reflect on all the policies, system and processes we have in place to make sure our children are safe. This was led by Mrs Haywood who does a fantastic job in her role of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Lead. Having taken time to reflect on the feedback we have given, Mrs Haywood and I are proud to see that so much of our practice is exemplary.

Wednesday was Transition Day for all classes, and it was a really special time for our children. When I visited them in their new classrooms, it was obvious that they are all ready for the next step in their learning journey. The perseverance that they have shown all year has certainly prepared them for next year.

Trips have also continued with Year 2 on the beach in Scarborough and Year 6 swimming and ice-skating at Doncaster Dome. I know that staff and children will reflect on what a wonderful time they had at both.

It is the time of year when staff and children begin to feel physically and emotionally exhausted so it's time to look after one another more than ever.

There are some real highlights coming before we finish for the summer holidays, and I am very much looking forward to all the fun of the various Year 6 Leavers events, Sports events and general buzz of the final few days of term.

Have a very happy week. :)