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17th July 2017

Year 6 leavers go 'Back to the future'

The highlight of last week has to be "Back to the Future, Harehills Musical" our Year 6 leavers performance for 2017.

Year 6 had promised to deliver an 'unbelievable journey' taking us back in time to see what they had got up to in every year group from Nursery through to Year 6. The performance made us smile, laugh and gave us the chance to have a singalong too!

I was wowed with the sheer scale of the production and the way it showcased the creative talents of every single child and also showed off their individual personalities. The impersonations of members of staff were spot on and the script was very cleverly written. It was wonderful to watch the parents faces as they spotted their children perform. It all ended fittingly with an emotional rendition of 'Hall of Fame' and 'Never forget'. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

Thank you to our amazing Year 6 team, staff and children for treating us to such an entertaining performance. I was bursting with pride!