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17th January 2022

'Safe as Houses'

Keeping one another safe is so important at the moment as we continue to live with coronavirus, so it couldn't be more apt that last week was the annual launch of our "Safe as Houses' initiative. This year's focus is on safe relationships and what they look like, especially within school. Who is it that you should trust and how do you know? So much work goes on in classrooms to enable children to explore such important and often very sensitive and emotional aspects of life.

While we plan and deliver our curriculum, I am only too aware that life at school continues to be challenging and stressful with staff absence and ever-increasing numbers of children absent as well. The way the staff team have gone about being pro-active in supporting and covering gaps is just fantastic. It is fortunate that we have staff who are willing to step in at a moment's notice.👍

We are taking every day as it comes and working out how we can provide the highest quality of education to our children. It is important that everyone congratulates themselves on making it to the end of every day and recognising what a difference they make.

Thank you to our amazing staff team 🙂