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16th October 2017

Life skills

Last week all three Year 6 classes went on a trip to Malham. This is a trip which allows them to show their skills by working as a team collaborating and finding ways to make it to the top. It also tests each child's ability to persevere and be resilient. Life experiences such as this are invaluable in helping shape a child into an adult who will be able to participate fully in life beyond school.

I sat listening with pride as Year 6 staff talked about how different children had tackled this challenge and how they were determined that every member of their class would succeed. They might have been tired and their legs might have been aching but the sense of achievement was so evident from each and every child and member of staff who had been part of this trip.

It is these personal attributes that will help them succeed during the many challenges that Year 6 brings. Well done Year 6 2017 for conquering Malham.