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15th October 2018

A snapshot into learning

The children from year 6 entertained the whole school with our first ever snapshot into learning assembly which showcased different things they have learned since starting in year 6 this year. I was thrilled to see the wide range of subjects covered and the creative approaches to learning that have been planned for the children. From sampling world cuisine in our very own "The Sandhurst" restaurant; presenting the weather forecast;  to learning the skills it takes to be a mountaineer, the snapshot just oozed high quality learning. Happy smiles on the children's faces showed that they have enjoyed every minute.

In a week when we have been awarded the status of MindMate Champion and celebrated HelloYellow day to promote the importance of mental health it has been a wonderful reminder for me of the breadth and depth of the Harehills Curriculum. 

Exciting to see that our staff team remains committed to providing learning that children love and where laughter is a given 😊