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14th March 2016

Perseverance, resilience and determination

One of our key responsibilities is to equip our children with attributes that will prepare them for the challenges that life will throw at them. Our Harehills Curriculum allows us to focus on many of these and this half term we have been looking at what it means to persevere. This is perfect timing for the children in both Year 2 and Year 6 who are preparing to sit their SATs in May. This year the government have set even higher expectations for all children to reach to allow us to say that they are 'working at the expected standard" for their year group. 

During last week Year 6 children had a Mock SATS week and they were the epitome of what perseverance looks like. Their sheer determination to succeed and resilience during the week was nothing short of incredible. If progress was measured on effort and life skills such as these then our children truly are outstanding. I know that at the same time Year 2 children are showing the same desire to achieve and belief in themselves. You can almost hear "I can do it" being whispered right across school.