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14th June 2021

Euros 2020

There was great excitement in every classroom just before half term when children and staff watched the HPS live draw for the Euros featuring Mr Waddington and members of SLT. Everyone was desperate to know which of the 24 national teams they would be championing throughout the tournament which was of course delayed from last summer due to coronavirus.

Each class was asked to select one of their classroom windows and decorate it to show which country they would be supporting. Classes will make time to walk around school and spot which country every class is supporting.

All 21 classes plus Nursery, SLT, and the Office team have a team to cheer for 😊 As I sit here typing these headlines, I am looking at my office window with a large red dragon on the Welsh flag blowing in the breeze and feeling proud that our SLT team put in a brave performance on Saturday to secure a draw in their first game of the tournament.

There is a lot of learning taking place about countries and culture right across school and a lot of competitive spirit, particularly amongst the staff. 😉

I am sure we will have a lot of fun over the coming weeks, and I wonder whose team will make it through to the final on Sunday July 11th?