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13th November 2023

Off to a great start

It's been another very happy start to a half term. We may have seen a lot of rain and it is getting dark before we leave work, but the positive, busy vibe across school helps to put a smile on everyone's faces. The sun was shining while I typed this and our Remembrance class circles on Friday morning was a very special time. As I explained in my family assemblies, remembrance is the time when we reflect and show our respect for those who work to protect us and try to keep the world a safe and peaceful for us all. Watching hundreds of children aged 3 upwards along with our staff team stand hand in hand in silence is always incredibly moving. It is the job of school to make sure children recognise that for some of the armed services they actually do make the ultimate sacrifice and give their lives for us; lest we forget.

This week included another important occasion and that was our annual Year 6 journey celebration event. The hall was packed with Year 6 children and their families as staff explained the expectations for a child as they go through year 6. Mrs McMullen and the Year 6 staff team talked through our Home, School, Child agreement before asking for children and their parents to sign it.

The feeling of partnership is so strong and it is wonderful to know that everyone is invested in supporting our children to fulfil their potential by the end of their final year in primary school.

It is that time of year when there are lots of exciting events coming ahead and we all need to take time to keep an eye on any advanced notice given either in school or via email. This will help us all to manage our workload as well as ensuring we don't miss anything!

I am looking forward to sharing with you all the fun and wonderful experiences that we have planned in school. Next week it will be Anti-bullying week and Children in Need 2023, so watch out for us 'making a noise' and 'a great spotacular'.