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13th March 2023

KS2 Mock SATS; Resilience and a bucketful of Perseverance

What a busy week it was last week! We completed 2023 KS2 Mock SATS week in style. I was so impressed with the way our children approached four days of tests. Every child in Year 6 has gaps in their learning after missing chunks of precious time in school due to Covid. Then add in the extra factor with so many of our children still learning English and you recognise what a challenge they face in sitting national tests where the expected standard remains the same as pre-Covid.

But the children at Harehills Primary have been so empowered by the adults who work with them that they draw upon their reserves of resilience and perseverance and give 100% effort. They may not yet have the knowledge and skills but their determination to succeed is a joy to behold.

This is when we are at our best as a school, pulling together as a whole school family to support the 91 children that we have in our Year 6.

Thank you to everyone for making this such as huge success, especially Mrs McMullen our UKS2 Assistant Headteacher who masterminds this complex operation with the fantastic support of Mrs Mann, Year group leader for Year 6. I know this is another key step in making sure our children are ready for their tests in May.

And just as we had completed a week of mock tests, we finished the week with a further challenge when the snow that the forecasters had been predicting for some time arrived and due to its severity, we had to close school for the day.

As I look forward to the coming week, I know our school community will be facing a rollercoaster week. We have had to plan for two days of strike action, a visit from our School Improvement Advisor and a day of smiles and laughter as we support Red Nose Day 2023.