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13th March 2017

Feeling confident to take on a challenge

What a busy week it was last week. We entered three teams in the East wedge heats of the Leeds Primary Debating competition. All three teams impressed and one wowed the judges enough to secure a place in the final of this city wide competition for the second year running.

Meanwhile, for four days of the week our Year 6 children rose to the challenge of their MOCK SATS. It was an absolute pleasure to watch the resilience and confidence our children showed throughout what is an incredibly demanding week. It has to be acknowledged that the ethos created for them by Mrs McMullen, our Assistant Headteacher for UKS2 and our Year 6 staff team has been a key factor in helping them to feel able to meet the challenge. The Readers in the Studio once again proved how much power there is in the wonderful relationships our staff have with our children. Every single child was empowered to show the knowledge and skills they have already and it is fantastic to see the progress they have made.

We cannot ask more than to see children with smiling faces at the end of a week of tests