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13th June 2022

Picking up where you left off

It has certainly been a happy start to the final half term of this school year and great to see the children straight back into learning. It has been a very busy week indeed.

📝📚Year 1 children have been taking the Phonics screening check along with Year 2 children that needed to retake it. I have been so impressed by the confident way they approached the test. One little girl popped into my office after she had finished and was on her way back to class; she was so keen to tell me all about it.🙂

🛶Luxor 2 and Luxor 3 children have certainly enjoyed the challenge of Yeadon Tarn and shown real determination while learning new skills.

✖️Meanwhile, Year 4 children are practising their times tables ready for the Multiplication Tables Check coming up in the next fortnight.

📝Year 6 are refining their writing skills in readiness for the teachers to make their final assessment judgements to submit to the DfE. It is a delight to have children bringing their writing to me; they are so proud of what they have produced. Some of the poetry work about refugees has left me feeling emotional. You know writing is a success when it has a positive effect on its target audience.

I visited our School Council with Mrs Marshall to ask them to think about ideas for what school might do during Refugee week which is the w/c 20th June. I really enjoy listening to all their thoughts. Thank you to Miss Shaw and Mrs Goodlad for leading the School Council and enabling the children to have a strong voice in how our school runs. 👏👏

Next week looks equally as busy and I am looking forward to seeing what it brings 🙂