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13th December 2020

A little bit of mystery and magic 💫❇️

What an exciting time we had when we returned to school last week. Children from all year groups were fascinated by the two foxes who spent time in our playgrounds and up on the roof; the visit even inspired reception children to write books!

Meanwhile, there were strange occurrences happening around year 6 with reports of animals behaving strangely and hooded, cloaked individuals walking down the corridors 😉. All 3 classes received a parcel with a copy of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone' ready for their new theme, "Muggle or wizard". Let the magic begin!

Mystery surrounds year 5 as well, after the first day back started when a mock court case saw Ben White accused of stealing Mrs Peacock's precious necklace. Now the question remains, is he guilty? The children will spend the next few weeks looking at evidence to cometo their conclusion and identify who committed the crime. All part of their theme, "Can you crack the case"

Our children are so lucky to come back to a school which is totally committed to bringing learning to life; staff have definitely captured imaginations and grabbed their attention big time 👍❕😁