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12th October 2020

A happy place to be

Last week was the first week when our new Reception children in Ashton 1,2 and 3 classes stayed in school all day, including having a school lunch. It has been wonderful to watch them arrive at school, all wide-eyed and ready to learn, laugh and love 😊. At the end of the school day it is equally as rewarding to see them meet their families with big smiles on their faces and bursting with news to share about their day. They have adapted so quickly to school routines and I have been so impressed with how independent they are at lunchtimes.
A huge thank you to Miss Pallas and her talented Early Years team for the calm, safe and stimulating environment they have created for our little learners; such a fun place to be 😍👍

This is just the beginning of their learning journey at Harehills Primary and I look forward to watching them grow.